Molly Burch

Stage Manager



I graduated with honors from Columbus State University, earning me  a BFA in Theatre Design/Technology concentrating in Stage Management.

Where am I now?


I am currently back on tour for StarQuest Dance Competition as a Stage Manager for the 2019 season. We travel to new venues weekly putting up the touring competition in cities all across the states.

What's next?


This summer I will continue traveling as a freelance Stage Manager and continue to cross States off my list of places I've worked. 

(See map below!)

A little more about me:

I began stage managing in high school and fell in love with the organized side of the art of theatre. Stage Managing in college inspired me to strive to learn as much as I can and continue to grow with each job or show I take on. Live performance is a fluid and ever-changing art form that I look forward to evolving with throughout my career. 

I am currently moving around from city to city and state to state, working with all different types of shows and all different types of creators in the industry. I hope that life on the move can help me to expand on my knowledge of stage management and live performance