Stage Manager

Directed by Scott Calcagno

Associate Directed by Ericka Mac

Rail Events Inc.  (Fort Lauderdale, FL / New Orleans, LA)

Cast of 46, Crew of 5+ / Cast of 50, Crew of 6+

All called cues were based on timing and heard cues. The SM's

position was out of line of the sight of the  performance. 

4 separate shows called at the same time.

Performance was on a moving train. 

Train movements called by SM.

Assistant Stage Manger

Production Stage Manger: Carrie Boyd

Off-Broadway Performance

Emursive & McKittrick Hotel (New York, NY)

Constantly Changing Cast & Crew

The show runs 7 days a week.

I was responsible for knowing and performing 3 of the 9 SM tracks, 3 of the 4 Presets, and 6 of the 9 changeover assignments. 

I was responsible for preparation of perishable props each day. 

It's an immersive show that takes place throughout a 6 floor building. 

Stage Manager

CEO: Steve Wappel

StarQuest Toured across the United States

Crew of 13 per city, + 3 Judges 

I was responsible for the stage load in, run of show, 

and facilitation of performers on stage. 

Lead union crews in union houses. 

Days began as early as 5:15 AM and went as late as 12:30 AM. 

Typically out on tour Thursday - Monday. 

Stage Manager

Directed by David Dibble

Rail Events Inc. / The Orlando & Northwestern Railway (Taveres, FL)

Cast of 25, Crew of 4

The performance took place in three separate locations (station, moving train, under a tent) and involved moving the audience to each location. 

Train movements called by SM.

Child actors in cast. 

Stage Manager

Directed by Lisa Jones, Produced by Charles Bradshaw

Cedar Point (Sandusky, OH)

Cast of 32, Crew of 10

Aerialists cues for on stage points and a track system

Show called off time-code (Watchout)

Concert-style performance

Outdoor theatre

Stage Manager

Directed by Lisa Jones, Produced by Charles Bradshaw

Cedar Point (Sandusky, OH)

Cast of 32, Crew of 4

Outdoor performances

Shows occurred three times a day

SM was responsible for leading the float path and maintaining croud control for the performers safety. 

Stage Manager

Creative Director: Michael West

Cedar Point (Sandusky, OH)

Cast of 30+, Crew of 15

Live television broadcast

Celebrity performers and guests

One day of tech rehearsal and one performance

Concert/Skit event held by the Lebron James Foundation

Stage Management Fellow

PSM for NPC: Kurt Van Raden

PSM for Cabaret: Madison DeCoske

O'Neill Theatre Center (Waterford, CT)

As a fellow for the National Playwrights Conference, I was able to work on four out of eight new works. The performances took place in indoor and outdoor spaces. For the Cabaret and Performance Conference I assisted in nine of the ten performances and stage managed one.